Robot applications

Robot applications

Robotization / automation is more and more desirable approach to production. At INEL we can automate production with integration of robots in your lines. No matter how complex your process is, we can help either with traditional industrial robots or with more modern approach, with collaborative robots (COBOT). Each type of robots have their own advantages.

ROBOTS and COBOTS have ability to:
- be integrated together with other robots and machines
- run the process with few or even no human employee
- be very consistent in the production with little to no deviation

ROBOT has the advantage if:
- loads are heavier
- longer reach is needed
- short cycle times are needed due to high volume production
- product is unchanged in production for longer time

COBOT has the advantage if:
- flexibility in terms of variety of products is needed
- redeploying the same robot to multiple lines is needed
- we want to use the same robot for multiple operations
- person's work hand in hand with COBOT is needed
- easier programming is preferred
- there is no space for safety cage

- Single structured user interface for the total control of all applications
- Save time for each operation of the process
- Easy to learn and use HMI
- Eliminate human error factor
- Maximizing output efficiency
- Fast adoption of new regulations or needs because of system flexibility




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